About Me

Becky is an extensively trained Leadership/Executive/Team Building, Life Success Coach. Her varied life experiences inform and jump-start the forward movement and transformation of her clients. Leadership Development training, mastermind groups, the use of Strengths Strategy Team Coaching increase team effectiveness, understanding of one another, and engagement of the team to reach the vision communicated by leadership are some of the benefits of her corporate coaching. Strengths Strategy tools give her the insight to lead you into a self-knowing and acceptance based on the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. These tools are all useful within companies for those who lead, those who are in a transition to a new role, being promoted, being considered for succession,and also for individuals and couples. Becky listens deeply, helping you find your personal ‘why’, defining your values, gaining self and situational awareness. This will give you great clarity as you make complex life, business, or career decisions. She coaches organically, following you where you need to go, asking questions that push you to go even deeper into your personal truth. She knows the power of individual coaching through personal experience, and extends that experience, education, intuition into your personal coaching, into marital or premarital coaching.

She’s been a public speaker since 2000, loves to train, teach, mentor and lead groups in study of material congruent with the goal presented by the client. Whether you are looking for business change with integration of leadership development, combined with one-on-one coaching Becky will help you identify your ‘big’ why and accelerate forward movement.