About Me

Becky is an extensively trained Leadership/Executive/Team Building, Life Success Coach. Her varied life experiences inform and jump-start the forward movement and transformation of her clients. Her roles as coach, speaker, trainer all fulfill her need to add value to others.  She became a life success coach in 2011, and has since gotten certified by CTI, is an Executive Director at The John Maxwell Team of Coaches, Trainers, and Speakers, and Certified by Strengths Strategy, LLC. As a lifelong learner she helps others move forward through their own learning path. As she was first certified by CTI she was going through a divorce and credits the coaching she got in the certification process with her recovery, ability to move forward purposefully, and to ‘remember who she is’.  The value of coaching was proven to her, and transformed her life during that season.  Also, always having a coach is part of her life-style because of the proven value she has felt herself, but also the transformations it has brought to her clients.  The mentorship she receives in The John Maxwell Team has been invaluable, and she passes it on by combining coaching with mentoring when that is the presented need.

She’s been a public speaker since 1993, loves to train, teach, mentor and lead groups in study of material congruent with the goal presented by the client. Whether you are looking for business change with integration of leadership development, combined with one-on-one coaching, Becky will help you identify your ‘big’ why and accelerate forward movement.