Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is tailored to your specific situation, the needs and gaps that you want your team to address.  I listen to you in our intake session and come back with several options that can help you reach your objectives in an organized, structured way forward.

Team cohesion is essential for an effective workplace. Team coaching can use CliftonStrengths coaching and workshop, John Maxwell leadership development through MasterMind groups, the John Maxwell DISC Inventory with a related workshop following., and many other resources I have.  Team coaching focuses on creating interdependence, transparency, and cohesion in teams, leadership or otherwise.

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game

This is a new, unique experience for your leaders and potential leaders. It helps each player see and defend actual decisions and views they hold around specific situations or concepts, in a non-threatening and fun environment. It is a great tool to find the leadership potential when examining possible promotions and leadership succession. The content of the game is directly drawn from decisions and situations that John Maxwell discusses in his books. Playing the game prior to a Mastermind session gives clarity to issues within the team that need to be addressed.


This is a fun way for your team to start to see each other in a new way.  Each strength, or style, has their own unique language, and lens to their world.  This game makes them aware of the differences in the team, and will make it clear why sometimes they can’t ‘hear’ one another.

Professional coaching is for those looking to jump-start their careers, increase team understanding, or provide momentum for growth as a leader. Leadership is influence, and requires stewardship of time, resources, and energy. Coaching increases effectiveness and engagement for leadership, their team, and the entire company, and all are allowed to thrive in their area of strength.