Specialized Coaching

My specialized coaching focuses around three main areas, Transition, Marriage Alliance, and parenting complex children.


Transition coaching focuses on working through a large change and direction in life, both positive and negative. I have had many transitions in my life, from being a mortgage loan officer, to mother of two boys and homeschool teacher, to women’s ministry leader, teacher, and speaker, beloved wife, to divorcee, to life coaching, back to newlywed. The transitions were not always smooth, or clear cut. Transition coaching acknowledges that new doors are always opening, yet you have to be willing to step through them. This involves calculated risk taking, self awareness, intuition, and knowledge of your skills, values, and capabilities. You will gain understanding of where you are now, and learn how to explore what comes next and how you can achieve it. Balancing the natural excitement and fear is essential to knowing how to own each transition in life. Whether you are in transition now, or see one in the near future, I am here to help. Transition coaching often becomes a combination of coaching, mentoring, and consulting.

Marriage Alliance:

Relationships are always evolving and growing, yet too many couples leave too much unsaid, with many assumptions unstated. This leads to much disappointment, misunderstanding, and can unnecessarily break a relationship. Marriage Alliance coaching is about creating realignment and communication for any stage of a serious relationship.

Before my marriage in 2015, my fiance, Kevin, and I sat on a beach in Acapulco and created a Marriage Alliance. We had discussed this alliance before, but this was the day that we put in writing our expectations, our agreements, our compromises, and expressed our love to one another in beautiful, specific ways. This was such a tender moment for us, as we formally ‘created’ our relationship. This was an agreement of two hearts, minds and souls as we looked ahead, distilling into words how we would deal with expected situations good and bad, agreeing on how we will meet each situation and choosing ways of holding one another accountable.

I have worked with premarital couples as they work through their differences, trying to see the world through one another’s eyes. I’ve also enjoyed helping those with long marriages define their relationship more concisely, the agreements that they would like to move into to have a healthy future, and the future they see for themselves as a couple. As with all my coaching, the tools overlap and I often use The Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator Report, or CliftonStrengths Assessment. The change is communication in the relationship is usually immediate, once they understand their reports.  Instead of bickering, giving/getting the silent treatment, arguing, the assessment results give them a whole new language to communicate with.  It changes their lens from just their individual view of the world, to seeing through both lenses and having the language to bridge that gap towards understanding and renewal. The Marriage Alliance gives a concrete focal point to make constructive changes, compromises, pledges, and to look forward with new passion and commitment.

Parenting of Complex Children:

As a parent of a child with Asperger’s I know the turmoil that can come from seeing your child and family face hardship on a daily basis. Any child with special or complex needs faces experiences his peers do not. Often there is little training or experience that can prepare a parent how to guide and help their child, and the strain it places on a marriage. The schools often provide much more guidance and insight than when I was going through this experience, but at that time I would have given anything to have someone walk beside me and understand my daily struggles. While at times progress seems slow, and the strain irreversible, this specialized coaching focuses on giving you, the parent, tools to find balance and help your child through their own unique journey. If you are experiencing this I would love to walk beside you, as I have walked in your shoes.