Your coaching needs can vary depending on where you are in your own personal and professional journey. I am the coach for those looking to expand their understanding of their everyday personal lives and relationships, those looking to grow professionally, and those in need of specialized coaching around transition, Marriage Alliance, or as a parent of a complicated child.

My coaching services use Strengths Strategy LLC materials, Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0 Assessment, John Maxwell Leadership Materials, and CTI Co-Active Coaching training. Each of my coaching services can be used separately or combined. Whatever your coaching needs are we will use the tools best suited to your personal journey.

Professional Coaching:

A leader models to her team, understanding that vision and culture are contagious, and that she also must have a compelling vision that can be communicated passionately. This leads to buy-in from those she needs to join her on her journey. They will see, execute, and attain the goals and ultimate vision as they catch the passion, and see the bigger picture. Coaching helps the leader clarify her vision, enable her to verbally process to determine how to show others that picture, and ultimately empower others to complete the steps as a team to bring her vision to fruition.

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Personal Coaching:

We all reach a point where we feel stuck, realize our need for fulfillment is not being met, or that we are missing our true calling in life. We feel the impetus to grow, gain clarity in any or all areas of our life, or understand ourselves better. We need to live a life where we know we gave our all, that our actions help or add value to others in a way only we can. We must live purposefully and intentionally.  

It is in these moments, when we are looking for growth, that our potential becomes limitless. Coaching helps you find the right way forward, teaches you how to see the choices, calculate the risks, and how to make true and meaningful decisions.

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Specialized Coaching:

We all have our own story to tell. We gain experience through our entire lives, even in the most unexpected moments. My experiences have taught me about transition, communication, dissonant relationships, claiming and gaining personal recovery, and parenting Asperger’s Syndrome and complex children. My training as a coach lets me pass my experience on through specialized coaching. If you are looking for coaching around transitions, parenting a challenging child, or increasing transparency, connectivity, and understanding in your relationship with your significant other, my specialized coaching services might be for you.

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