“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.” ¬†Henry James

Do you remember the life you pictured for yourself when you were 8 years old? Did you think you’d be a fireman, politician, teacher, librarian, anthropologist, writer of mystery novels, homemaker, artist, or selling Star Wars figures at a toy store?

What happened to those dreams? Where/When did those visualizations of your future disappear? Most of our dreams had a grain of truth in their essence. We all have values that are innate, cemented in our psyche by the time we’re 5 years old. Then we develop preferences that are reflections of our interests and talents.

But LIFE happens. Sometimes out of our control, unintentional and ever undulating in front of us. One day we realize that it feels like we have shoes on that are too small for our feet, but we keep them because we don’t know how to be proactive or what direction to take. We’re used to the pain of living in shoes that are too small, or boxes that are too small for our true selves to exist in.

I want shoes that fit perfectly, let me be the biggest, most authentic person I can be. I want my box to be much bigger!!!

So I’m now wearing 4″ heel scarlet pumps. I’m living boldly in the truth that I am totally authentic. There’s no comparison game going on, no ‘would have’, ‘should have’, or fear of the future. I spend my time living my life, being fully immersed in the flow of synchronicity, engagement and courage. I’m in tune!! So put on shoes that fit you perfectly and live your own life.


More to come!

Welcome to the Interwoven Path Co-Active Coaching with Becky Elhardt. This website will be dedicated to my life coaching and the things I find inspiring and helpful. More information and posts will follow as well as more about the services I provide.

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