Personal coaching

Personal coaching focuses around living a more conscious life, it lets you take a look over the walls of the box you are in by finding your personal values and solutions to help create balance in your life. My training as a coach by CTI taught me how to really listen, so I hear the true meaning behind your words, and ask deeper questions so you find your core truths. I confirm what I am hearing by translating it back to you, helping you express what you are truly feeling.

Values are ideas that resonate deeply with who you are. They were formed before you were 5, are incredibly difficult to consciously find and understand, and have a major impact on your actions and decisions.  Identifying them gives you greater self-awareness, clarity, and vision for your future. These are sacred, and seen through your strengths and experience lens. Values can be expressed by words such as: family, acceptance, forward momentum, curiosity, order, connectedness, legacy, living an integrous life, and so much more. I guide you through a process of identifying them, even illustrating them, but their discovery is up to you.

By using values as your guiding compass, choices become more meaningful, resonant, forward thinking, and decisions become purposeful. Coaching strengthens your ‘values muscle’ until you automatically begin to live your life more consciously with greater understanding of each choice before you. Successive choices become much more intuitive and automatic. With this process your decision making becomes much more resonant, forward facing, and conscious, not a reaction to an outward stimulus or trigger.

During coaching you will come face to face with truths about yourself that most people may never take the time to face in their life. What you get out of coaching is determined by your own willingness to follow the process. I am always willing to help you move forward in your personal journey, sometimes pressing you to go deeper than you have ever gone. You will feel more, think more, and gain order in your internal and external world leading to the fulfillment we all seek in life. We celebrate each and every insight, discovery, and action together as it affects every facet of your life.