Coaching Expertise

My coaching is focused on three main areas of transformation: professional, personal, and specialized coaching based on the experienced gained on my personal journey.

Professional – Leadership and Team

Leaders and leadership teams must always be learning, not just about their work, but about themselves. When coaching leaders I use Gallup’s Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment and Strengths Strategy Inc. tools, and we find the ‘why’ behind the joys and frustrations of their work. Understanding one’s own strengths enables growth on a personal and professional level.

Transparency, understanding, and a no-judgement zone are essential to a strong team of leaders. Team building coaching focuses on sharing and understanding each other’s strengths, creating transparency, and interdependence. To increase a team’s synchronicity and engagement, I also use John Maxwell Mastermind groups to explore goals or cultivate discussion and growth around a specific leadership topic.

Personal – Values

Personal coaching is rooted in finding your personal values. I work with my client to identify their personal goals, and how to achieve them using their values. Knowing your own personal values opens up a path to a more purposeful life, with a clearer view of self which changes the way we make decisions, and see the world and ourselves. I have seen values awareness transform people’s lives, and provide an anchor on both good and bad days.

I use my training from CTI as the base of my personal coaching, and often pair strengths based coaching and values coaching for those looking to make changes in both their personal and professional life.


Life sends us each down an interesting, often winding path, yet our personal path enables us to pass our experience onto others. My path has given me experience and specialties in transition, marriage, and parents of disabled or complex children. My specialized coaching allows me to share my experience, sometimes in a coaching and mentoring blend.

  • I have been through many transition periods in my life, and know the negatives and positives that come with each forward movement. I coach through the ups and downs of a transition, while always helping my clients honor and understand themselves.
  • I work with couples to create a marriage alliance, which is a way of creating a formal partnership and increasing communication for any stage of a committed relationship.
  • As a parent of a child with Asperger’s syndrome, I also know that parents need specialized tools and understanding that can be offered through coaching to not only help their child, but to help their family as a whole.